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  • Registration must be completed online with payment made in full or a payment plan set up. Accepted credit cards are Visa or Mastercard.
  • Skate Canada Registration is mandatory and must be paid prior to the start of each skating season (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31). This fee is non-refundable.
  • StarSkate lessons, competition travel expenses, and launching fees are billed separately by the Coach and are in addition to Program Fees.


  • Cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing to our registrar at
  • Skate Canada Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • A refund (excluding Skate Canada Registration fees) will be offered before the completion of the program's first two sessions, regardless of participant attendance.
  • A $25.00 processing fee will be deducted from any refund requested after the first two sessions and before the completion of the program's first three weeks. Refunds will be pro-rated from the participant's withdrawal date.
  • After the first three weeks of programming, no refunds will be offered.
  • In the case of a serious medical/health issue preventing participation, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to the $25 processing fee. Refunds will be pro-rated from the withdrawal date.

Financial Support:


  • By participating in Skating programs offered by Kimberley Skating Club and Skate Canada, neither the Club nor Skate Canada shall be liable for any injury, loss, or damage suffered during Skating activities. Participants or their legal guardians indemnify the Club and Skate Canada against any claims arising from such incidents.
  • Kimberley Skating Club is not responsible for class cancellations due to unavailable ice but will make efforts to reschedule if possible.

Model Release:

  • Consent is given for club members to be included in photographs and/or videos used for publications, media coverage, or promotional activities, including Facebook/website for Kimberley Skating Club, with full names included.


  • Personal information provided will be held confidentially and used only for intended purposes. Information will not be sold, rented, loaned, traded, or leased.
  • Links to third-party websites on our website are not governed by our privacy policy. Please review the privacy policies of third-party websites.

Parent Fundraiser and Volunteer Commitment:

  • Fundraising and volunteering are essential for the Club's success. Each family is expected to participate regularly to keep program costs affordable.
  • Volunteering occurs primarily at the Skate-a-thon and Ice Show, with a total commitment of a few hours per family. Commitments may vary based on Covid-19 Protocols.
  • Fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the season, with each family expected to raise at least $50 per session.

Kimberley Skating Club and Skate Canada’s Code of Ethics


The purpose of Skate Canada’s Code of Ethics is to establish expectations and guiding principles for appropriate decision-making and behavior within the organization.


This code of ethics applies to all individuals associated with Skate Canada and its affiliate organizations, including skaters, officials, coaches, employees, board members, volunteers, alumni, hall of fame members, parents, and guardians participating in or observing related activities.

Code of Ethics:

  • Individuals shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards, aligned with Skate Canada’s vision and mission, and centered around the well-being of athletes.
  • All people shall be treated with respect, dignity, and sportsmanship.
  • The athlete’s well-being as a person shall be prioritized over their success or the individual’s success in the sport.
  • Professional conduct shall be maintained in all interactions related to Skate Canada activities.
  • Positive discipline methods shall be utilized, including setting fair rules, listening, problem-solving, and encouragement. Harmful methods such as hitting, name-calling, yelling, or intimidation shall not be employed.
  • Any conflict of interest shall be disclosed, and individuals shall not allow themselves to be influenced in a manner conflicting with the organization’s best interests or reputation.
  • Behavior intended to manipulate competition or test outcomes is prohibited.
  • The coach/athlete relationship shall be respected, and soliciting athletes from other coaches is prohibited.
  • Exploitative, abusive, or corrupt relationships are strictly prohibited, and individuals shall act with kindness and integrity.
  • Support for an inclusive sport environment is mandated, irrespective of any discriminatory factors prohibited by human rights legislation.
  • Compliance with the International Skating Union’s Code of Ethics at all ISU events is required.
  • Advocacy and practice of Safe Sport principles are mandatory.
  • Participation in abusive, criminal, or human rights-disrespecting activities, or any activities risking Skate Canada’s reputation, is prohibited.
  • Adherence to all relevant laws at federal, provincial, municipal, and host country levels is required.
  • Prompt notification to Skate Canada regarding any new criminal charges, ongoing investigations, convictions, or bail conditions is mandatory.
  • Coercion into sexual activity or unethical/criminal behavior using power or authority is strictly prohibited.
  • Sexual behavior or exploitation with children or youth is strictly prohibited.
  • Bullying, harassment, discrimination, abuse, neglect, intimidation, or exploitation in any form are strictly prohibited.
  • Technology and social media shall not be used to disrespect or exploit others.
  • Abuse or exploitation of children or youth is strictly prohibited, and any observed or suspected instances must be reported to the appropriate authorities and Skate Canada.
  • Possession, use, or promotion of illegal substances or performance-enhancing drugs is strictly prohibited.

Compliance with all Skate Canada bylaws, policies, and rules is required, including staying informed of any amendments or updates.

Covering up or concealing violations of this Code is prohibited, and individuals must report any breaches.

Full cooperation with Skate Canada’s investigations is mandatory.

Violations of this Code may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from Skate Canada.

Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

The Kimberley Skating Club is committed to adhering to the PHO Workplace Safety Order and following WorkSafeBC guidance and regulations.

Requirement for KSC Members:

All members of the Kimberley Skating Club must adhere to the PHO Workplace Safety Order and comply with WorkSafeBC guidance and regulations.

For detailed information, please refer to: WorkSafeBC COVID-19 Prevention

Transition to Communicable Disease Prevention Plan:

With the province's transition to Step 3 of BC’s Restart Plan, workplace guidance has shifted to Communicable Disease Prevention Plans (CDPP). These plans aim to provide general guidance for protecting workplaces from infectious disease risks, including COVID-19 and other illnesses such as seasonal influenza. Key focus areas include preventative measures such as handwashing, personal hygiene practices, cleaning protocols, staying home when sick, and guidelines for addressing increased local COVID-19 transmission. The Kimberley Skating Club has consequently transitioned from a COVID-19 Safety Plan to a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan in accordance with directives from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO).


Skater Information and Expectations

To uphold the highest safety standards and ensure optimal working conditions for all skaters, adherence to the following rules is expected. These rules will be enforced by club executives and coaches. Infractions may result in a warning initially, with serious infractions leading to suspension for the remainder of the day or week, and further action if necessary.

General Guidelines:

  • Only water is permitted on the boards; snacking during sessions is prohibited. Skaters may have a snack before or after the session, with exceptions for medical conditions such as diabetes.

Safety Guidelines:

  1. Courtesy: Respect the rights of fellow skaters and be vigilant of your surroundings, especially in mixed-skill environments. Strive to avoid collisions.
  2. Right of Way: Priority is given to skaters unaware of potential collisions. Yield to skaters performing programs or taking lessons. If obstructed, politely request passage.
  3. Jumping Areas: Avoid standing, spinning, or teaching near jump corners or boards where edge jumps occur, particularly Lutz corners. Exercise caution as the approach to a Lutz is often blind.
  4. Falls and Injuries: Promptly rise after a fall to enhance visibility for other skaters. Assist fallen skaters cautiously; summon a coach if serious injury is suspected.
  5. Continuous Movement: Keep moving to minimize congestion and hazards on the ice. Avoid stationary socializing to maximize ice usage and safety.

Additional Points:

  • Inappropriate language, whether on or off the ice, will not be tolerated.
  • Skaters must promptly and respectfully respond to coach directions; disregard or disrespect may result in lesson termination.
  • The Kimberley Skating Club bears no responsibility for injuries sustained during skating seasons.
  • Valuables should not be left in dressing rooms; the club assumes no liability for loss.
  • Skaters must notify their coach if unable to attend a session and must be punctual.
  • Permission from a coach is required to leave the ice during a session.
  • Participation in scheduled edge and power classes is mandatory unless excused by a coach or in a lesson.
  • Appropriate skating attire must be worn at all times; no jeans, scarves, loose clothing, or hooded sweaters. Hair must be tied back.
  • Garbage must be disposed of properly in designated containers.
  • Guards must be worn off the ice to protect blades.
  • Dressing rooms must be cleared of debris after each session to maintain access.
  • Headphones or cellphones are prohibited on the ice or in the dressing room.
  • Disruptive behavior during on or off-ice practices may result in removal from the session.
  • Eating is not permitted in the club room.

STARSkate Parent Information and expectations:



Skaters participating in STARSkate sessions must have a coach overseeing their skating.

The Kimberley Skating Club operates within a team coaching framework, led by Head Coach Jessica Grajczyk. For questions or concerns regarding your skater, please email her using the contact details provided at the bottom of this letter.

Common Concerns Regarding Coaching:

    • Invoicing: Each coach is responsible for invoicing skaters for their lessons, with payments to be made directly to the coach within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Late payments may incur additional fees. Failure to pay invoices for two consecutive months will result in the skater ceasing to receive lessons. If financial difficulties arise, contact the coaches to make suitable arrangements.
    • Lesson Time: Lesson allocation is determined by the coaching team based on factors such as level, needs, and upcoming competitions. Parents and skaters must respect the coaches' decisions regarding lesson distribution.
    • Testing: Coaches decide when a skater is ready to attempt a test, prioritizing the skater's best interests.
    • Levels: Coaches have the authority to determine the competition level for each skater based on their familiarity with session requirements and standards.
    • Receiving Lessons from Other Coaches: Skaters and parents are prohibited from seeking lessons from coaches outside the Kimberley Skating Club without prior approval from the Kimberley coaching team.
    • Communication with Coaches: Regular communication with coaches is encouraged but should occur at designated times agreed upon in advance. Interrupting coaches during sessions disrupts lesson time for other skaters.

Parent Expectations:

    • Treat all skaters, coaches, and volunteers with respect.
    • Seek clarification from board members or coaches regarding any uncertainties to ensure accurate information.
    • Trust the professional judgment of coaches in overseeing your child's skating progress. Coaches reserve the right to resign from coaching a skater if parental behavior compromises coaching effectiveness.
    • Minimize pressure on skaters, allowing them to focus on their performance positively.
    • If needing to communicate with your child during a session, do so discreetly off the ice to avoid distractions.
    • Ensure your child understands rink rules and etiquette.
    • Maintain a positive attitude towards your child's skating journey.
    • Timely payment of coaching and club fees is expected.
    • Regular, appropriate communication with coaches via email or arranged meetings is encouraged.
    • Ensure your skater is punctual for all sessions and notify the coach in case of lateness or absence.
    • Above all, prioritize your skater's enjoyment of the sport.


Coaching from the sidelines:


In the Kimberley Skating club, we value a positive and supportive environment for all our skaters. We kindly ask that parents/family/friends/guardians refrain from coaching from the sidelines during practices and competitions. Our dedicated coaches are here to guide and support the skaters to reach their full potential. To ensure a smooth and fair experience for everyone, families will receive one formal reminder about this policy. If coaching from the sidelines persists, it may result in a temporary suspension for your child. Trust is crucial in fostering a successful skating community, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a nurturing environment for all our young athletes.




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