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Skate Canada's Power Skating Program


What is Power Skating?

Power skating is an action-packed, high energy instructional program geared to hockey and ringette skaters that focuses on balance, power, agility, speed, and endurance. Skills, techniques, and conditioning drills are taught in a progressive format that emphasizes how the skills apply to game situations.

Power skating provides an alternative to figure skating and is an excellent complement for those athletes playing on hockey or ringette teams.

When your child registers for the Power skating program at the Kimberley Skating Club, you also become a member of Skate Canada, the national sport governing body for figure skating in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements:
Power skating is taught in a group environment; therefore, all participants should have basic skating ability and should be able to manage the following skills:

  • Be able to get up on their own
  • Be able to skate forward the length of the ice using alternate strides.
  • Be able to skate backward the width of the ice using alternate strides
  • Be able to stop without the use of the boards.

Skaters who cannot perform these skills on their own may be asked to join our CanSkate program, as this will be a better fit for your skater.

Skaters should be equipped with the following:

  • Full hockey gear
  • Hockey Skates
  • CSA approved Helmet
  • Hockey Stick


Power Skating Sessions:
Christmas Camp (Dec 19-23, 2022) - 5 Sessions

Check our website for registration information:

Program Structure:

Our Power skating sessions are 45 minutes in length. This is how the time is divided:

Warm Up: 7 minutes
The warm-up is a time to welcome your child onto the ice. We will warm up their muscles and joints by increasing their heart rates using a series of specific exercises.

Lesson Time: 30 minutes
There may be one, two or three groups divided by ability, then age. Each group will be led by one of our coaches and go through a fundamental skill or area. Each group will rotate through the coaches to ensure they learn all the necessary skills to succeed.

Group Activity: 5 Minutes

The Group Activity immediately follows the lessons and is designed to provide additional practice opportunities in a fun and interactive way. This time is to encourage agility, balance, control and challenge development. The skaters will be using the full ice for this time.

Cool Down: 3 Minutes

During this time coaches will take skaters around a few laps of the ice. The idea behind the cool down is to slow down the movements and cool down the muscles by lowering heart rate.

Contact Information:

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the information below:

Jessica Grajczyk-